What is Propel sinus implant?

Propel sinus implant

Endoscopic sinus surgery if performed in patient who meet the criteria for chronic sinusitis in order to further widen the sinus drainage passages. Endoscopic instruments are used to anatomically make the sinuses more accessible for natural drainage as well as sinus irrigation.

Occasionally, the degree of sinus opening that was achieved at the end of surgery might not persist over time. This could be due to scar formation, stricture of the surgical area, collapse of adjacent structures, or new polyp growth. Previous experience with non-absorbable stents that were later removed was not satisfactory due to potential for infection. Other absorbable material tended to accumulate too much crusting and inflammation at the area.

Propel sinus implant is a new device engineered to address all of the above concerns. Its active ingredient is mometasone, the same as Nasonex nasal spray. The spring-like implant keeps the surgical area wide open, and slowly releases a low dose cortisone to prevent scar formation or polyp regrowth. Propel usually dissolves over a 4 week period. This implant is typically placed at the end of endoscopic sinus surgery. The patient needs to be extra careful to keep the area moist with nasal saline to facilitate the absorption of this implant. More information about the PROPEL Sinus Stent can be found here.

Video of Propel sinus implant

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